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FireFly’s Partnership with Murray’s Cheese featured in the news

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As Carpenter’s Wheel makes a splash all around the cheese world (including winning a bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards this month and placing at the American Cheese Society last year), news of the reborn cheese (originally aged through a partnership with the now-closed Crown Finish Caves) has been picked up everywhere from the New York Times to Deli Market News.

Carpenter’s Wheel features an iconic barn quilt label, identical to the one that hangs on the big red barn where FireFly’s story began. “There’s often a tension between where food comes from and where people eat it,” said Pablo Solanet. “The idea behind this label was to remind conscious eaters that everything on your plate has a story and a place of origin. It’s like the basket-weave pattern on Spanish Manchego. Now we have our own equivalent.”

The partnership with Murray’s Cheese is an exciting one for FireFly Farms: the large goat’s milk wheels are handcrafted at the creamery in Accident, MD, and then aged for six months in Long Island City, NY by expert affineur Josh Windsor and his team. The cheese is a fusion of urban and rural and a real survivor in the American artisan cheese world, one of only a few cheeses originally aged at Crown Finish Caves that have been continued by Murray’s.

Carpenter’s Wheel is now available online at Murray’s and at Murray’s retail stores in New York City.

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