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FireFly Market Moves to Make Space for Cheese Making Expansion

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Some of you may have noticed the brand new storefront on your way into Accident, complete with a colorful goat and cow gazing out above the front door. Those of you who stopped in know that it’s our new retail market, with a café for coffee and sandwiches, larger wine selection, and even bigger cheese case. (If you haven’t been, we’d love to see you! You can find visiting info here).

But what happened to the old space, you might ask?

In the space of only a few months, our intrepid crew of cheesemakers expanded our walk-in refrigerator, built a new aging room, refloored the floor, and made space for much more cheese (also, we can now walk without tripping over each other!). Not only will we be able to make even more of your favorite cheese, but with the expanded aging space we’ll be able to age some wheels for longer than we could before.


Meanwhile, at Deep Creek Market, where you can watch a live feed from the floor of the creamery just down the street, the ever-popular wine tastings have resumed, and our new cold and hot sandwiches feature FireFly cheese and local products (for example, the smoked West Virginia trout bagel with FireFly Farms fresh goat cheese)! If you stop by at the right time, you’ll see Pablo, our co-founder, behind the cheese counter, and while he’s busy handing you samples you might just be able to ask him about the first few years of milking goats in the big red barn where it all started. 

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