Interested In Joining The FireFly Family?

We are Hiring Apprentices

All of our cheesemakers start as paid apprentices. The goal for the apprentice cheesemaker is to experience the work and get to know the cheesemaking team, see if they are a good fit and if they enjoy the work, and if so, to move on to being an assistant cheesemaker and beyond. 

During the apprenticeship period the apprentice will work in the plant, directly supervised by a head cheesemaker, and is expected to pay attention and learn all that they can by observation and inquiry. 

The apprentice cheesemaker will be given simple tasks and instructions daily to do on their own, and will also be included in the more complex tasks as an understudy. Our apprenticeships typically last around 90 days. 

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"At FireFly, I have found a family in my coworkers and a shared love for culinary perfection in an art I never thought I’d pursue."
Matt Bolton
"What I like most about being a cheesemaker is working with my hands and heart everyday to bring a delicious product to life."
Abby Porter