Behind Every Cheese Maker is a Dairy Farmer

Our farmers are our most important partners. Starting out with our own goat herd in the early days taught us that what happens on the farm is just as important as what happens in the creamery. Today we source fresh goat and cow milk from family farms in our community, standing on the shoulders of these hardworking farmers as we work together to achieve mutual success. We test every load of milk from every farmer; and as the components and quality of their milk improves, so does our cheese.

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Our farmers are committed to

Humane Animal Husbandry

They never use sub-clinical antibiotics, hormones, or animal feeds that have been treated with chemical or synthetic fertilizers. Our farmers stand on the shoulders of their healthy, well-treated herds.

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We never force our farmers to manipulate their herds to provide a consistent, year-round milk production. The animals cycle naturally, and we manage our production and aging processes accordingly.

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We work with our farmers as partners and do not penalize them for “under-production” in winter months, nor “overproduction” in summer months.

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We coordinate closely with farmers regarding their anticipated herd growth, freshening and drying cycles of the does, and anticipated breeding time frames.

"I have been milking for FireFly for over a decade but I am not the longest-milking farmer. I bought my herd from my father-in-law, who was FireFly's first goat dairy farmer back in 2006. They've grown the goat milk market substantially in our community."