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White House Worthy? Brian Keyser says yes!

Firefly Farms Seal
Merry Goat Round

Janet Fletcher’s Planet Cheese blog asked three cheese experts what they would have picked for the cheese plate at the White House for the State Dinner hosting the President of France. Can you believe our very own Merry Goat Round made it to the top of the list?

Brian Keyser is the founder Casellula Cheese & Wine Café, New York City (yes, that’s a pretty big deal), and here is what he said:

“FireFly Farms in Maryland is super local to Washington, DC, so perfect for the White House. Their Merry Goat Round is one of my favorite soft cheeses. It’s clean and creamy with a little kick from the rind when young. As it ages, it gets sharper, earthier and softer, eventually to the point of being soupy.”

For more fine American cheeses that are White-House-worthy (and worthy of your own table!) read the full article at the link below:

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