The growing season is sadly coming to a close in the mid-Atlantic.  Dedicated locavores will find their selection of summer greens, vegetables, and fruits rapidly diminishing and in their place find the comforting return of autumn root vegetables and late season tree fruits like apples.

Pablo found this beautiful late-planted-and-early-harvested baby broccoli at Gardener's Gourmet in last weekend's FRESHFARM Market at Dupont Circle.
Blanched quickly in salted boiling water, this delicious green treat was welcomed.  Regional farmers are extending their growing season -- and the availability of wonderful vegetable treats like baby broccoli -- through the use of high-tunnels: covered growing spaces.
The hydroponic growing space at Endless Summer Harvest enables beautiful greens year-round in Loudoun County, VA
Organically-Certified high tunnels at Cottingham Farm in Talbot County, MD
In season or grown indoors using innovated and season-extending technologies, greens like baby broccoli, leeks, spinach and other bitter green are delicious with a bit of creamy FireFly Farms goat cheese served melted on top.  The creamy backdrop makes for easy and healthy comfort food.


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