This dip is all about presentation. Super easy and looks oh so fancy!
My favorite thing about taking this to a party is you do not need to worry about getting a container back. You just leave that cute little pumpkin.

What you will need..

A nice little round Pie Pumpkin
2 Logs of Allegheny Chevre (Room Temp)
1 Piece of Black and Blue, at least 6-8 ounces
4 Tablespoons of Apple Cider, Whatever you have on hand
6 Tablespoons of Milk, I used Skim.
4-5 Pieces of Chives, Chopped
Freshly Ground Black Pepper

You will need to cut and clean out the pie pumpkin. Be careful those little things are tough to cut!

Grab a large mixing bowl toss in the two logs of Allegheny Chevre. Then add the  chopped chives and the freshly ground black pepper. Give it a good mix around. Next add the Black and Blue, I wrote 6-8 ounces so about a cup. But If you want it a little more tangy add more of the Black and Blue. The mix is going to be pretty dry and crumbly, now you will want to add the milk and the apple cider. This is going to give a nice creamy texture which makes it really good for dipping.

This dip can be served with celery, sliced apples or just a nice baguette. If you wan to get extra fancy you could roast some of the pumpkin seeds and toss a few on top.


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