The Green Tomatoes Are Still Out There!!!

If you are a fan of these well its totally worth it. I love fried green tomatoes. You can do lots with them. I went simple with this post and just put them on a nice mixed green salad. But another favorite of mine is putting them on a BLT. Oh its pretty dreamy. A nice way to sass up your regular BLT, although there is nothing wrong with the way it is!

What You Will Need

3 or 4 Large Green Tomatoes, Buttermilk about 1 cup, Self Rising Flour about 2 Cups, Fresh Ground Black Pepper, Sea Salt and Lots of Chives. Also some vegetable oil for the frying. Oh and Black and Blue, as much as you want!

This is a two step process. The wetting and the dipping of the tomatoes.. You will get your hands messy!!

Slice the tomatoes about an a quarter inch thick. Lay them out on a paper towel and sprinkle with salt. You want to pull some of the water out of them. So let them sit about 15 minutes then change the paper towel and leave them for another 15 minutes. 

You can get your pan ready while these are sitting. In a deep flying fan add the oil and set it to medium high heat. Definitely want them to sizzle.  Also you do not want them to be completely covered, just about half way. 

Now the fun stuff.. Get two medium sized shallow bowls. The first one add your flour, black pepper and chives. The second bowl pour the buttermilk. Get your tomatoes and dip them in the buttermilk to get them wet then drag them and coat them in the flour. Get a thick coat, because that means lots of crunchy stuff.
Place them gently in your hot pan and let them cook till they area golden brown then flip them and then the other side.

When they are finished cooking place them onto a paper towel and keep them in the
oven to stay warm. When you are completely finished cooking all of them. Take your Black and Blue and crumble the cheese all over the top to get nice and gooey.... That is it. 



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