Oh So Delish and so very simple.... 
You can totally impress your friends with this simple combination.
Besides this salad being really tasty, it looks fantastic.

A take on an easy Greek Salad instead of the traditional Feta we used our very own Allegheny Chevre. The trick is finding a very sweet watermelon, which is still a mystery to me.

What you will need -
A Watermelon, Chevre, Cucumbers, Mint, Sea Salt, Freshly Ground Black Pepper and Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I like the contrast of shapes, watermelon in larger cubes and cucumbers in nice half slices. You can use whatever mint you have, I happened to have Pineapple Mint out in my garden, it has a nice flavor.

Once everything has been cut up and placed in a bowl, you can choose to chill it for a few minutes especially if it is hot outside or eat it right away. Add as much Allegheny Chevre or as little as you like. Everything is based on which you prefer.  Enjoy!!



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