SPRING 2013 has finally arrived; and with it our inspiration to return to Our Local Pantry.  Thanks to Zach at Tree and Leaf Farm for his beautiful baby leeks.  They inspired this simple and delicious spring dish.
Yes this is as easy as it it looks -- a dish that lets the wonderful ingredients stand alone and shine together.

We prepped the baby leeks by washing and cutting them in half.  Then, we tossed with a bit olive olive and seasoned them with salt & pepper.  We grilled the leeks -- happy to be huddled around the grill in the brisk Garrett County evening -- until they were beginning to soften.  We moved them directly from the grill to a warmed plate and topped them with a few wedges of Merry Goat Round.  The heat of the grilled leeks warmed and melted the goat cheese beautifully.
The baby leeks from Tree and Leaf Farm - 
simply prepped for the grill.
Merry Goat Round: clean, creamy and lactic with earthy undertones that amplify with age.


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