If you've never added brie to a BLT before, you are in for a treat. The subtle mushroomy hints from the Merry Goat Round pairs really nicely with the salty flavor from the bacon. I tend to keep classic sandwiches such as these close to how you might find them in a diner, but I always make sure to buy quality ingredients. 
BLT's come together in a snap, the results are always delicious, and they're easy to make if you're having friends or company over for lunch. If you're a fan, BLT's are just one of those sandwiches that "hit the spot." 

Here's what I used to make this BLT extra special:

Rosemary artisan bread
Frisee lettuce
Vine ripe tomatoes 
Merry Goat Round -- halved and then sliced lengthwise 

As far as condiments go, I added a swipe of mayo and a dollop of grain mustard after the bread toasted. That's it really! 

-- Merry Goat Road BLT recipe provided by Daniel


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