When I am not buying fresh produce from a farmers market I try my best to buy locally at the Whole Foods Market P Street -- I am always impressed with the variety of local fruits, vegetables, and herbs they consistently offer. Whenever I  do an in-store demo I always tell people that the Allegheny Chevre is our most versatile cheese; there are countless recipe opportunities to try, ranging from breakfast to dessert. In this recipe, the chevre provides the perfect balance of creamy sweetness to the savory red onion and basil. 
I was feeling particularly peckish the morning I made this omelette, so I used 3 large eggs -- but 2 would work fine too. In a small bowl, beat eggs with sea-salt, black pepper, and whole milk or heavy cream (I used whole milk).  Place a non-stick pan over high-heat and add 1 tbs of butter -- be sure to swirl butter around to coat entire pan. Allow butter to foam, not brown, and add red onions. 

Once onions have turned slightly translucent, add egg mixture. Let eggs sizzle, wait a few seconds. Top eggs with crumbled chevre and basil. Move pan from left to right, shifting eggs around to settle for about 5 seconds. 

Slightly raise handle of pan and swiftly jerk pan towards you, causing the eggs to be moved against the far side of pan. Repeat about 5 times, once per second, or until desired shape is formed.

Lastly, tilt pan high and hold the side with the eggs over burner for another 5 seconds or so. To get the omelette safely onto the plate, I cheat. This isn't fancy people, but it works! I place a large plate over pan and just flip it over -- honestly, it works for me every time!
I quartered the bulb of red onion - then sliced lengthwise .
Organic basil from Koinonia Farm in Stevenson, MD
Whole Foods brand cage-free grade A fresh eggs.
I used my hands to crumble the chevre and tear the basil leaves 
into the red onion and egg mixture.
-- Allegheny Chevre, Basil, & Red Onion Omelette provided by Daniel and adapted from Serious Eats.


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