This post is yet another result of inspiration garnered by shopping at FRESHFARM Markets Silver Spring. I am excited by trying all different kinds of food, so I figured why not give the goat burgers from Many Rocks Farm a go? Oh -- and I can't take full-credit for putting fresh peaches in the salad, I got that idea from our friends at sweetgreen with their delicious seasonal "June salad" -- which happens to feature FireFly Farms chevre! 
What I love most about summer is the ease of cooking grilling provides. Believe it or not, preparing the raw ingredients for the salad was more time consuming than the cooked items! Start by turning on and heating up your grill. I put the freshly thawed goat burgers on a plate with the Cabra La Mancha slices on the side -- the burgers were already seasoned with cumin and garlic, so no added prep was need there (how easy is that?). 

To get the corn ready for the grill I pulled back the husks and removed the silky, stringy inside. With your hands, slather the kernels with extra-virgin olive oil and season with sea-salt and black pepper. Fold the husks back over the ear of corn, and dampen husks with some water -- this provides a steaming effect while grilling.

As always, I gave all the fresh fixin's for the salad a thorough washing. I spun the lettuce and watercress in a salad-spinner and just air dried the peaches, cucumber, and red onion. I cut up all the salad ingredients to my liking and put them in a large mixing bowl -- for the watercress, I kept a good portion of the stem as it's really tasty.
Fuzzy, juicy peaches from Quaker Valley Orchards. 
Cucumber & watercress greens from Mock's greenhouse & farm -- 
Romaine lettuce & red onion from Spiral Path Farm.
Learn why the sweet, mild flavor of goat meat is a healthy protein alternative directly from Many Rocks Farm.
Once the main ingredients for the salad were organized, I put the bowl in the fridge to keep everything nice and crisp. Next, I threw the corn and goat burgers on the grill -- the corn takes longer to cook than the burgers, about 15 minutes while the burgers were ready in around 10 minutes.

With a sharp knife carve the kernels off the cob directly into the salad -- take your time with this as the kernels have a tendency to take flight if you attempt to feverishly hack away at the ear of corn (lesson learned). I dressed the salad with the juice of one lemon and extra virgin olive oil -- season with sea-salt and black pepper.

This was the first time I ate both goat meat and goat cheese simultaneously. The mild, savory taste of the goat meat paired perfectly with the rustic, nutty flavor of the Cabra. This flavor combination is a must try!

-- Watercress, Roasted Corn & Peach Salad + Cabra La Mancha Goat Burger provided by Daniel.


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