Big, fat, Greek family or no -- lamb is just wonderful.  The family team at Virginia Lamb do a spectacular job at the Dupont Farmer's Market.  We're hooked -- hooked -- on their shanks, and have enjoyed braising both the lamb and the goat shanks.  This is just omnivorous goodness -- a one pot meal that gets better each time it's warmed.
Virginia Lamb Shank
Braised, yummy, lamb shank goodness! No, there's not goat cheese in the pot -- we had some for dessert with port and honey!
We're partial to one pot dinners, and this one gets repeated as often as possible with some seasonal changes in the main characters.  This early spring performance included the following cast:
The shanks from Virginia Lamb & Meats are always terrific -- well butchered and ready to braise.
Virginia Lamb
The beautiful green garlic from Next Step Produce.  This spring green was such a wonderful discovery for us this season.
We are addicted to the royal trumpet mushrooms from Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms.  Shouts out to our friend Arlene....
Royal Trumpets from Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms
Sunnyside's brussel sprouts
The beautiful brussel sprouts from Sunnyside Farm & Orchard -- hated, just hated to see these end at the market so early this spring...
The lamb shanks are seared first -- we generally rub them in olive oil and put them into a hot (450 degrees) convection oven solo for 30 minutes or so -- then the vegetables, wine and stock are added.  The pot is covered and returned to the oven. We turn the oven heat down and go do other chores.  The rest is  -- well -- food harmony.

Dessert: Cabrita, the newest addition to FireFly's cheese line, and honey.
Cabrita: lovely little goaty crottin.


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