Roasted Roots


The spring has brought to market wonderful fresh greens, yes.  As well, we are so enjoying the root vegetables that are at market in greater variety than I ever remember.  We roasted this lovely collection of roots and found ourselves wanting more...
This is about as easy as cooking gets: we first chopped up the fingerling sweet potatoes, carrots, traditional turnips, and beautiful hinona kabu turnips.  This asian turnip is lovely and sweet.  Next: toss with olive oil and season with salt & pepper.  We oven-roast the mix on a cookie sheet in a hot oven (400 - 450 degrees) to get the caramelization going.  If you have a convection oven - perfect.  Check them after 30 minutes or so.
The beautiful hinona kabu turnips 
from Next Step Produce: lovely and sweet
Beautiful spring carrots from The Farm at Sunnyside.

Fingerling sweet potatoes: one of our favorites.
Turnips - the forgotten root of our parents...
You can choose any combination of root veggies you like and repeat this simple oven roast.  We used to use brussel sprouts in the mix -- and mourn their absence at the market already.  Other green veggies will mix in as well, ramps are wonderfully roasted in this way.  This mix stores beautifully and gets better each time you re-heat.


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