We made this lovely little appetizer for a recent get-together at Mark & Gio's -- the combination of warmed Merry Goat Round, Eco-Friendly Foods pulled pork, and Toigo Orchard's pear butter all a-top a toasted slice of Atwater's spelt & cherry loaf: genius.
FireFly Farms Merry Goat Round & Pulled Pork on Spelt Cranberry Toast
The Merry Goat Round provides a perfect creamy backdrop to the caramelized onions mixed with pear butter.
We've had a long and enduring love affair with Merry Goat Round.  Melting this lovely little goat's milk round takes it to an entirely new level -- mushroomy noise and a indescribable creaminess.  Truly the perfect bite!
Atwater's gorgeous spelt cherry bread - 
sliced thin & toasted
Toigo Orchard's pear butter is amazing - period.  Sure, spread it on toast, but here it's added into caramelized onions to add depth, flavor, and fruity-sweetness.
Melting this lovely little goat's milk round 
takes it to an entirely new level!
Yellow onions -- another pantry staple, no?
This quick little recipe was easier than you might think.  Slice the spelt & cherry bread thinly, then toast it under a broiler.  Top each slice with a wedge or two of Merry Goat Round.

The onions are sliced and caramelized in olive oil.  After they have browned-well, add in a couple of tablespoons of the pear butter.  Season this yumminess with salt & cracked black pepper.  Then, mix in one package of the EcoFriendly pulled pork available at the Sunday Dupont Farmer's Market.  For those of you not fortunate enough to shop there regularly, you can easily skip protein or replace with some leftover beef, pork, or chicken you might have in your fridge.  Spoon the caramelized onion and pork mixture on top of the cheese.

We covered these up and carried them to Mark & Gio's where we heated them up and served them warm and gooey.  Big hit.



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