We have been grilling cheese a lot lately -- a rediscovered panini press assisting our cheesy obsession.  This successful compilation of Allegheny Chèvre, bandaged-wrapped cheddar, cured coppa ham, and sun-dried tomatoes has been repeated a number of times -- and was our recent entry into Cheese Connoisseur magazine's grilled cheese contest.  Quite worth a try...
Discovering that the Allegheny Chèvre can be grilled -- and will warm to an oozy, creamy goodness -- changed our kitchen behavior.
Any good grilled cheese sandwich starts with good bread.  This one started with New Day Bakery's walnut wheat loaf -- a wonderful base for good cheese.  Spread one side with a good mustard -- E.M.'s tarragon mustard highly recommended -- and the other side with fresh chèvre.  Next, chop the sun-dried tomatoes and sprinkle on top.  Over this, put a healthy slice or two of the cheddar.  Huge shouts out to fellow cheese makers and mongers at Fiscalini.  Their 18-month old, raw cow's milk cheddar is sublime, and it's one of favorites and best-sellers in the FireFly Farms Market. Finally, top with the second slice of bread.
Allegheny Chèvre has become a staple in our kitchen.
Its versatility is impressive - from simple crumbling to haute cuisine. 
The sun-dried tomatoes from Sunnyside Farm & Orchard.
The Fiscalini bandaged-wrapped cheddar is sublime; 
one of our favorites and best sellers at the FireFly Farms Market.
EcoFriendly Food's meats  -- fresh and cured -- have 
redefined proteins for us.  The coppa ham is lovely.  
The rest is easy.  We like to spread the outside surfaces of the sandwich with just a touch of good butter, then put in a hot grill or sandwich press.  Let if cook well: until the bread is crispy and cheese is oozy.  You won't be disappointed.


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