This wonderful salad made its first appearance at the Summer Farm Fresh Dinner that Pablo and I hosted on behalf of our friends and colleagues at FRESHFARM Markets.  The combination is magic: Gardner's Gourmet baby arugula + a poached duck egg from Waterview Foods + a crumbled slice of EcoFriendly smoked bacon + a healthy portion of shaved Bella Vita = another memorable local food moment.
FireFly Farms Bella Vita and Poached Duck Egg
The duck eggs from Tom Hubric at Waterview Foods are just wonderful. The yolks are big and silky.
This is a heartier salad, definitely.  For us, it works well as a main dish at lunch time, or an appetizer with a lighter portioned main course at dinner.  The prep is everything: we use the microwave to cook the Eco-Friendly smoked bacon, then let it cool.  We shave the Bella Vita with a potato peeler (you can use a cheese slicer if you own one) so that there's a thicker slice of the yummy cheese.  And, chef Pablo poaches the duck eggs in a shallow pan of water -- just enough to cover an egg -- with a splash of white wine vinegar added.  The water should be gently heated to barely a simmer.

The Gardener's Gourmet baby arugula.  Light, peppery, and always good.
Gardener's Gourmet baby arugula
Waterview Foods Duck Eggs
The duck eggs from Tom Hubric at Waterview Foods.  
Sorry, hen, superior product.
FireFly's Bella Vita: firm-bodied and nutty.  
Behaves like a parmesan in the kitchen.
FireFly Farms Bella Vita
EcoFriendly Foods
EcoFriendly Food's meats have redefined proteins for us.  Bev and his team are doing transformational work.
Assembly is easy and is best "a la minute."  Dress and plate the baby arugula -- we like a light lemon vinaigrette.  Top with crumbled bacon, shaved Bella Vita, and the just poached duck egg.  The yolk, the yolk, the yolk...


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