This salad was inspired by our Sunday Dupont Farmer's Market purchases and was composed with an eye to color and texture...spectacular!
Allegheny Chevre
Toss the fresh Allegheny Chevre together with the salad when you add your dressing.
You always eat first with your eyes.  The greens and the tomatoes and the beets were just so visually stunning at the market that I had to buy them.

The Gardner's Gourmet mesclun mix:  A salad stable; always delicious.

The Gardener's Gourmet pea shoots: These lovely spring-only green are crunchy and grassy -- a bit like a wheat-grass shot in every bite.  Mixed with the Mesclun = genius.
The Gardener's Gourmet beets:  
Robust, earthy, and sweet.  What more can I say about beets?
The Toigo Farms Tomatoes:  Gorgeous, always.  
Just the right balance of umami and acid.  Mark Toigo rocks.
Assembly is easy: mix equal handfuls of the mesclun mix and the pea shoots. Peel on beet root, then grate and throw on top.  Dice 2-3 tomatoes (we generally use 1 per person) and throw in.  We finished off with a handful of roughly-chopped raw almonds -- something we TOTALLY recommend you make a staple in your pantry. Top with about a quarter log of Allegheny Chèvre.  

You can dress this as you like; we dressed with a bright, lemon-based vinaigrette: juice of 2 lemons, un-filtered olive oil, salt and pepper.  Toss briskly (like the Sweetgreen team) and serve.



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